“alcpack is a global packaging manufacturing company with a good position in foam moulded products, food service product based on EPS forming technology.”

We have good technology platforms and strong know how. Our business concepts allow us to have continued competitive advantage and environment awareness that goes hand in hand with our ambition to make high quality products.

The evolution of plastic packaging has improved in general but these methods have limitations, the main limitations are mainly the prices and the lack of space and technology in the different companies.

We has taken note of the needs and potential of its market and today it concentrates on what we see as the future of plastic packaging.

To fulfil its role as a large manufacturer, alcpack in recognition of the industry’s needs and applications have implemented aggressive marketing techniques and methods which include the effective utilization and participation of both local and foreign trade exhibitions.

Our Sales and Marketing department also appoints and works with our foreign agents to develop and maintain new markets whilst improving client servicing methods and efficiency levels to ensure maximum client satisfaction.

As a global company, we offer our multinational customers opportunities to improve both their efficiencies and standards by adopting similar packaging across markets.

Our main customer markets include foodservice operators, fast food restaurants and other consumer goods markets, fresh food packers as well as retailers.

alcpack with its focus on manufacturing and exporting 100% reusable foam based lunchboxes and meat trays has invested in and successfully increased in the market and manages to live up to the needs of the customers. And able to distribute large quantities to fill the needs of the market, thereby expansion of the company is increasing rapidly with the result of very content customers.